Development that Defines

The right partner for your project

Diamond is a vertically integrated development company, completing our own purchasing, design, investment, entitlement, construction, and leading a sales effort.

Vested interest

Diamond purchases land around the Bay Area, understands it, then develops it. With a focus and passion on high-quality design, Diamond hires the most creative design professionals to substantiate and deliver a development effort which is cost-effective and profitable.

Financially secure

Diamond has preferred equity and debt relationships with local banks who assist in construction lending.

A Development project map:

  • Walk the property; unless you feel it, you don't understand it
  • Prepare preliminary underwriting based on available assumptions
  • Land-use; legal review of general plan, zoning, discretionary review purview
  • Civil engineer review- access, setback, fire, drainage and bio-retention
  • Schematic architectural drawings; siting and massing-footprint analysis
  • Utility diligence; Ensure serviceability for water, gas, electric, sewer, cable
  • Review arborist limitations
  • Planning meeting; meet with permit agencies to review preliminary proposal
  • Calculate timing
  • Itemize impact fees
  • Preparation of single asset entity legal documents/accounts
  • Preconstruction cost analysis to substantiate underwriting
  • Negotiate debt servicing for horizontal and vertical construction
  • Hire engineers, architects, landscape architects and other professionals
  • Complete approval and permitting
  • Build
  • Interview and negotiate sales team.
  • Sale

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