Residential References

Below is a list of many of the projects we have completed to date.

Brent and Courtney Bamberger

Front Yard Remodel

David and JoAnne Bowie

Entire House Remodel
Custom Build Home

Burton and Anne Broome

Wine Cellar Remodel

Dick & Beverly Davis

Entire House Remodel

Lois DeDomenico

Custom Kitchen Remodel
Patio Room Build-out
Custom Tile Floor
Custom Railings

James Fabris

Custom Condominium Remodel

Walter I. Frost

Residential Remodel Pacific Heights

Dr. Thomas Gonda

Custom Built Home

Alvar and Elaine Green

Property Line Wall

Diane Grialou

Residential Roof

Chuck & Susan Gruye

Custom Build Home
Custom Gym / Entertainment Building

Michael and Joan Heffernan

Residential New Construction Projects
Weekend Residence
Two story, Two Unit Condominiums
Four Story, Three Unit Condominiums

Rob Hirt and Tracey Najarian

Custom Home Upgrade/Remodel

Bill and Rosalys Howell

New Deck

Mark and Katy Hungerford

Residential Remodel

Don and Diana Kennedy

Custom Pool

Frank and Florence Lofrano

Custom Home

Tony and Valerie Lofrano

Residential Remodel

Bud and Mary Lyons

Custom Home Remodel

Penny Mallen

Residential Remodel

Leonard and Lorraine Marshall

Custom Home Remodel

Ronald Mullin

Exterior & Interior Remodel

Kerry and Marge Murphy

New Construction
Wine Cellar Remodel and Addition
Master Bedroom and Bathroom
Front Gate Entry

John & Katie Nicholson

Residential Home Remodel
Residential Home Remodel

Dick and Sunny Sue Nishkian

Exterior & Interior Remodel
Kitchen and Bathroom Remodel

Robert and Eleanor Preger

Custom Kitchen, Master Suite

Terry and Sharon Ranahan

Custom Site Remodel
Office/Bathroom Remodel
Master Bedroom/Bathroom Remodel

Caroline Read

Custom Kitchen/Bathroom
Rebuilding of the existing deck
New wood sash windows to match existing

Peter and Carol Read

Caretakers Suite/Bird Aviary

Steven and Mary Read

New Construction & Remodel
Vacation Estate
Recreation Building/12,000 sq ft pond
Primary Residence

Drew Robarts

Earthquake Reinforcing

Dr. Steve and Merrill Sherwin

Renovation, Victorian

Buzz and Loni Schulte

Construction of Addition

Warren and Sandy Sussman

Custom Home Remodel

Dr. Mitchell and Karen Tarkoff

Custom Home Remodel
Kitchen Remodel
Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Robert and Jasmine Tarkoff

Custom Home

Tom Tarkoff

Backyard Retaining Wall

Allen and Donna Thomas

Family, Dining Room Addition

Val and Diana Toland

Remodel/New Addition

Tom and Tae Tripodes

Penthouse Remodel
Custom Estate Remodel

Tom and Merlon Williamson

Window Replacement
Master Bathroom Remodel

Ken and Janet Tarkoff

Custom Home Remodel

Bart Schenone and Sandie Margulies

Custom Home Remodel