Diamond Construction has specialized in residential custom home building for over 28 years. Whether remodeling, adding on or completely building the home of your dreams, Diamond Construction has the experience necessary to build just about any project. With genuine attention given to a clients desires and concerns, strategic management to execute timely and affordable building and finally, foresight to react to the unexpected, Diamond Construction builds the highest quality custom homes. Diamond Construction has built custom wine cellars, custom swimming pools, custom home theaters and custom fitness facilities that truly add to the personality of an individualized home.

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Diamond Construction has built many commercial buildings over the years. From tenant improvements to high-rise commercial office buildings, Diamond puts emphasis on constructing a commercial project specifically to its preferred use. Diamond Construction has experience building restaurants, business offices, health clubs, medical and dental offices, hotels, churches, suites and earthquake retrofitting. Through this experience, Diamond Construction has learned how to plan, facilitate and manage commercial building on time and within budget. Repeat clients and client referrals make up almost 90% of Diamond Constructions portfolio. The list below shows how multifaceted and experienced the company has become over the last 28 years. To date, Diamond Construction has started and completed over 200 projects.

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Working as a general contractor requires a company to work alongside sub-contractors, architects, attorneys and many other building professionals. Over the years, Diamond Construction has built a strong reputation in the professional community by continually upholding itself as a platform to consult in all professional situations. Diamond Construction works alongside architects and engineers to deliver the highest quality buildings that best fit an individual client. Moreover, attorneys continuously consult Keith Stone as an expert witness in cases of construction defect litigation, where he serves as a most respected and knowledgeable expert.

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